What Is A TFP Shoot?

If you’re a model or photographer, you’ve likely stumbled across the term ‘TFP’ before. Have you ever wondered what TFP means in photography, or any sort of creative endevaour?

TFP is an ancronym for Time For Prints (more recently updated to Time For Photos to reflect the fact that prints aren’t used anywhere near as much as digital photos are nowadays). The goal of TFP is that there is no commercial transaction between the talent and production staff, whether that be a model, make up artist, a photographer or a videographer, instead, both parties appreciate that they gain photos for their portfolio along with experience instead of exchanging payment.

TFP therefore can be a great way to expand a portfolio, gain experience as a photographer or a model, or simply execute on concepts that you may not otherwise be able to get.

Benefits of TFP

  • Help all parties gain more experience
  • Way to try new ideas, equipment or concepts
  • Add to a portfolio especially where a portfolio is lacking in diversity of photography types
  • Network and connect with like minded individuals

Cons of TFP

  • There might be a lack of experience leading to not achieving the images planned
  • Parties might have restrictions on what the resulting images may be used for
  • Everyone should be clear as to the agreement and on the same page