Green Screen Hire Canberra

A green screen is a great option for videography and photography projects where you want to add in a different background, or get more creative with what you are trying to create. If you’re looking for green screen hire in Canberra, we have you covered. In the meantime, read on to find out how a green screen might add to your project.

Why Would You Use a Green Screen?

Type of Shoots

Green screens can be used for many different outputs and multiple configurations to suit your needs. Whatever you endeavour to use a green screen for, it can be configurable based on your client and/or company’s needs. Our green screen is available to hire out for all things digital, including the following:

  • Corporate photography (headshots)
  • Corporate videos (marketing campaigns)
  • Films (commercials, music videos, movies)
  • Webinars (interviews and Zoom meetings)
  • Podcasting (where a film version will also be available)
  • Live streams (gaming tournaments)
  • Product photography

Free to Be Creative

Using a green screen in studio allows you to be as creative as you would like. When you hire a green screen (with or without a studio space), you can choose the ideal image for your needs, post production. And we’re not talking about just templated scenes, you’ll be free to create your ideal scenes based on your vision and talent. With a green screen, the only limitation is your mind.

Costs Less

Green screens are a great thing to find as they can help you shorten the time it takes to produce (all while controlling the environment and experience for your guests while you capture content). It also eliminates the need to travel to and from different locations. Meaning you can be more cost and time aware than if you were shooting on location.

Easy to Work With

If a studio featured a dedicated green screen or if you’ve hired out a screen, you can be assured you can get through the process with ease and efficiency. It also gives you the opportunity to edit content smoothly as the subject should be in the same position throughout recording. In cases where you are using a green screen for producing videos or live streams, you can make sure your brand and logo is kept at the forefront of your output to help establish brand awareness and professional credibility.

Setting up and Lighting a Green Screen in a Studio for Production

There are a few steps that go into creating a green screen properly. We have a detailed list on how best to set up your green screen for success:

  1. Setting up the screen. Choose where you want to shoot your content and then make sure the screen is placed in the centre of the frame. The aim is to have the green screen fill up the entire scene of the shot so you don’t need to do any cropping post operation. Make sure the screen is as flat as possible without any creases.
  2. Lighting. You will need two lights to properly illuminate the space. One for foreground and another for background footage. Get ready by making sure the brightness levels are right as it can ruin the illusion of the scene and end product.
  3. Depth of field. Both your foreground and background footage should match in terms of depth of field. If it doesn’t match, it could throw the composition off and distract viewers. You need to make sure you have properly distanced your camera.
  4. Chroma key green screen. Your typical motion editing software will come with standard motion effects such as chroma key. This allows you to select the backdrop colour and remove any artifacts from the image to create the cleanest output possible.
  5. Place your backdrop in. Once you have chroma key the footage, you can replace it with your chosen, desired scene.

Do You Need a Special Camera or Equipment to Use a Green Screen?

In short, you don’t require a special camera to use a green screen. While a good quality camera will definitely make your output look crisper and sharper. It won’t make that much of a difference. It all comes down to how you brighten the space and how you use the chroma key motion effect for your output. You may need to source gear in the form of lighting though.

Green Screen Studio Hire Canberra

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