Studio Hire Canberra

Look for Canberra photography studio hire and you’ll find at least 4 studios. Whether you need to photograph a product, headshots for a company website, a model’s portrait, family portraits, or filming a safety video for your employees, you will find a studio space that is right for you.

What to look for when hiring a studio

It can be challenging to know exactly what you need, so to help, here’s a list of what to consider when looking for photography studio hire Canberra, whether you’re a business owner or a professional photographer:

Studio set up with red lighting and panels full of patterns


Natural light is great if you’re after something natural but at the mercy of the weather. Using artificial lighting is more reliable and can be manipulated in a studio setting to look like natural light or to be dramatically different from it. This gives you control over the outcome of your photos and videos.


Find a studio for hire that is easy to access. There are a couple of options close to the CBD but make sure to look towards Fyshwick, Beard and Mitchell too – these are quieter areas, a short drive from most parts of Canberra.


While sound isn’t important for a photographer, it is if you’re a videographer or looking somewhere to hire to record audio. Look for a studio with decent soundproofing or in a quiet area, free from things such as traffic, lots of people or busy nearby businesses.

A good studio should have equipment such as microphones, stands and equipment that can record, save and edit the audio appropriately.


Studios are often available per hour, so you don’t want to spend your time looking for parking. This is particularly the case in the Canberra City where parking is scarce. Try a place with off-street parking or readily available on-street parking.

Additionally, if you’re bringing in equipment, props, wardrobe or anything else bulky, you want to be able to drive up to the studio entrance and unload easily.

Image inside FT Studio with a dark grey backdrop and two soft box lights lit up


Some studios are small and will only suit a few people or a small group, while others are large enough to fit vehicles, couches or big props. Carefully consider the amount of space you need – allow for lighting, audio, and requirements of a videographer for example.

Backgrounds and backdrops

Some spaces may have a cyclorama, but most studios will have simpler backdrops (some even that you can use as a green screen). Choose a space with a backdrop that suits your needs – whether it’s simple headshots, large group photos, vehicle photography or other.


You should choose a studio with facilities to get changed, check hair and makeup, clean up or wash off if needed, cater or eat, and fulfil any of the niche requirements for your project.


You’ll be paying more for a larger studio or a studio in high demand. Head further away from the city and you’ll likely pay less. The pricing and pricing structure will vary from studio to studio.