10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Photography Studio

Choosing the perfect and appropriate studio space to conduct a photoshoot can be complicated with so many things needing to be factored in before hitting that confirm button. It needs to suit your subjects including people and products. Using an indoor studio space to hire for your photoshoot eliminates the risk of weather changes, distracting backgrounds and general disruptions that come with outside/public spaces. It’s a worthwhile investment but it is good to do your research before committing to one particular studio space.

You also want to make sure the photographers you choose have the experience to make your shoot a success. It’s a good idea to do your research and interview several studios before hiring. If you’re interested in hiring a photo studio in Canberra, here are our top 10 things to consider when you hire a photography studio and how to navigate what you will need before you hire a professional photography studio.

Our Top Considerations


The studio location has to suit everyone involved in creating the best photoshoot possible. Say your studio is based in Beard, ACT (like us) and your model is based in Brisbane – they may not be able to travel all the way over. It’s important to have these conversations when considering your location so everyone is kept in the loop and made aware of potential location sites based on your factors required/desired.

Price and inclusions

How much are you willing to spend to get that perfect shot? It’s worth comparing prices between competitive studios around for rates and points of differences on offer. You should always get a quote from your desired studio before you commit to hire. It helps to have a budget in mind when looking for quotes and be aware you might be required to pay a deposit upfront. Some studios offer extra items in their hire rates such as use of amenities and extra items such as hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Male photographer holding camera and steadicam


Do you have all the equipment you need prior to the shoot? It’s worth looking into your desired studio’s photography equipment and see what is on offer for hire. Studio’s can offer equipment hire from photography lens’, props, a variety of types of backdrop, studio lighting and more. It is also worth considering if all your equipment will fit into the studio space on the day.

Space & ceiling height

Once you’re in the studio with all your equipment, the space will feel smaller than when you arrived. It’s important to consider the size of the space to make sure you have enough space to move around freely and comfortably to get the perfect shots. It’s also important to check the ceiling height in case you have your own studio lighting to use that is on the taller side or if you have grand plans for your photoshoot that need grand heights like photographing a flamethrower for instance. You will need a higher ceiling for that so you don’t burn down the studio or anything.


Do you need help on the day of your photo shoot? It’s best to ask at the time of the quote if someone will be available for assisting if required. Be clear about what kind of assistance you may require as additional fees might apply. Depending on the level of assistance required, fees may apply if you require the supply of a photography assistant for the shoot, etc.

Parking & accessibility

It’s important to consider how easy the photographic studio is to get to and access. Is it close to public transport and is there readily available parking? Your crew and subjects might not be travelling together so it’s important to factor modes of transport into your chosen studio space. Might also be helpful to check if there is a loading zone available for transporting equipment to and from your vehicle to the studio space.


Having a comfortable space for you, your crew and subjects is crucial especially if your photoshoot is scheduled to span for a few hours or longer. Things of consideration to check for are temperature control, electrical outlets, tables and chairs, supply of drinking water, access to restrooms and areas that can be used for private changing facilities. It’s always good to check the level of amenities included when you hire the studio space.


To maintain your creative focus, you need privacy. A completely closed off photo studio will stop distractions from outside the studio from occurring and also provide your subjects and crew a more relaxed and focused space to explore creativity. It’s a bonus if there are restrooms within the private area in case you plan on using them as change rooms.

Camera, laptop and lighting equipment on a white backdrop


Lighting is so important to be able to control within a photoshoot space. A good photo studio should have enough artificial lighting to compliment your own lighting equipment (if you have any). Too much daylight in the space should be avoided as it’s not a controlled source and can’t be kept consistent. For the best result, studios that are completely windowless help keep lighting as consistent as possible no matter what time of the day it is.


Staying focused means having a quiet space to create. Silence is especially important for video shoots where if there is too much background noise, it can disrupt or deter from the original audio in production. You don’t want to be surrounded by traffic noise from busy streets nearby.

It never hurts to ask questions about what you’re investing your time, energy and money into. Other things to consider could be: 

  • The proximity to food establishments if the shoot is expected to go for several hours or days. 
  • Good phone and internet coverage 
  • Having a secure site (security guards, CCTV, secure gated areas, etc)

FT Studio is located in Beard, Australian Capital Territory and boasts of a studio space of 126 square metres with a 6.5 metre high roof making it the ideal space for portrait photography, corporate headshots, product photography, food photography and many others.