Modelling agencies in Canberra

Canberra’s creative scene might not be extremely obvious if you’re just getting into modelling or if you’re from interstate and searching for local Canberra models for an upcoming shoot. There are a number of modelling agencies in Canberra with a range of talent to choose from. Whether you’re searching for a model or looking to get into modelling, Canberra has a couple of modelling agencies that can assist you on your search to find the right fit for you or your clients. Regardless of what kind of modelling you are looking for, whether it be fashion or catwalk.

Canberra Modelling Agencies

Devojka Models

Location: Canberra ACT

Canberra model and actress from Devojka Models. Image from Devojka Models.
Canberra model and actress from Devojka Models. Image from Devojka Models.

Created in 2015 in Canberra, Devojka Models is one of a kind in terms of modelling agencies in Canberra. It services Canberra and the surrounds and prides itself on being unique and a boutique agency for models.

They don’t want to be the biggest of the modelling agencies in Canberra. Devojka Models in Canberra has a philosophy that centres quality, diversity and professionalism and they are dedicated to offering opportunities to grow and further develop the talent they represent and support.

The creative team at Devojka Models in Canberra have decades of industry experience on coaching models regardless of experience level. Offering services from brand new models through to intermediate and experiences models wanting to develop and advance on their current skill set to develop a portfolio. Coaching sessions range from the following in Canberra:

  • Polaroids (Canberra and surrounds models only)
  • Headshots (Canberra and surrounds models, actors and presenters)
  • Portfolio coaching and development (Canberra and surrounds models, actors, presenters)
  • 1 on 1 mentoring for models (Canberra and surrounds photographic and runway modelling)
  • 1 on 1 mentoring (Canberra and surrounds presenters, actors and voiceover artists).

For modelling training and development, the director Tina Nikolovski in Canberra will give you the information and options on developing your photographic, runway, deportment and/or portfolio skills for your body of work for clients in Canberra and the surrounds.

The Canberra talent within Devojka Models includes photographic, television commercials, runway, video, promotional/brand ambassadors, make up & styling, acting, hosting & presenting, voiceovers and extras. Though they are not just models and actors. Devojka Models also represent dancers and musicians.

Clients of Devojka Models include Her Canberra, Canberra Weekly, ROC Boots, Canberra Outlet Centre, GEOCON, FSW Shoes and many more places. Check out their Instagram for the latest updates on Devojka Models in Canberra.

Victoria’s Models

Postal Address: PO Box 592, Curtin ACT 2605

Canberra model from Victoria's Models. Image from Victoria's Models.
Canberra model from Victoria’s Models. Image from Victoria’s Models.

Established in 1995, Victoria’s Models is one of Canberra’s most well known modelling agencies. Representing models of all ages, shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds, they offer a very diverse set of talent for a range of services across Canberra.

Victoria’s Models comprises a team of eight professionals in their respective areas of the business in Canberra. They also offer courses for models of all ages where they share insights and knowledge into three different streams of courses:

  • Junior course (6 to 11 years old): full day course in Canberra which includes speech & drama, deportment, styling & haircare, catwalk & photographic modelling and television commercials.
  • One week course (12 to 18 years old): offering two courses to teens within the grooming deportment & etiquette department and advanced modelling as a course as well.
  • Weekend workshop courses (16 years and above): offering another two courses for those over 16 years old on weekends. These courses include grooming, deportment and etiquette and advanced modelling courses as well.

At Victoria’s Models, you can also book in for the school courses they offer. The school courses are considered to be a great supplementary option for students as they can develop a better self-confidence as well as improved presentation when it comes to etiquette, fashion, posture, grooming, health, public speaking and first impressions.

They also offer style workshops at Victoria’s Models as a great way to understand the season’s fashion trends and dressing for your body shape with a colour analysis as well as how to accessorise.

Victoria’s Models is one of Canberra’s own agencies that is celebrating over 25 years in the modelling industry in Canberra. Not only do they have a range of models in all ages, shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds, they also have a range of models that you can search for talent hire based on the type of model option. You can hire people that will model for fashion, catwalk, television, photographic, promotions, 46-year-olds+ and juniors.

Clients for Victoria’s Models include National Gallery of Australia, the TV series ‘Gruen’, Mercure Canberra, University of Canberra, South.Point Tuggeranong and many more places. Check out their Facebook for the latest updates on Victoria’s Models in Canberra.

Concluding your search for Modelling Agencies in Canberra

Both Devojka Models and Victoria’s Models are modelling agencies within Canberra that are well recognised places to model and act through for clients and content. Whatever type of modelling you are on the search for, whether it be for photographic, runway, television commercials, video or even to act or do voiceovers, Devojka Models and Victoria’s Models will be able to help you out and help you find your way with modelling agencies in Canberra.